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Coaching Training

(Coaching skills for leaders is a part of the Elite Leadership Program)

Coaching Training

Coaching Skills for Leaders is a no-nonsense program for busy business leaders, managers and executives who are looking to empower their subordinates and help them become more accountable, diligent and committed to increase performance and bottom-line results for the company, business unit or team.

From getting more done in less time, overcoming unproductive behaviours in your company and dealing with insubordinate employees and performance problems, Coaching Skills for Leaders will teach you and/or your key people practical tips, techniques, strategies and insights guaranteed to increase the productivity and the profitability of your enterprise.

You get paid for what your people do, they are your scorecard.

You do not have to be an expert in whatever aspect of the business you are engaged in, but you must get things done through others and help them be successful. Your people are your experts, and when they fail, you fail. Coaching Skills for Leaders will help you and your team accomplish more, through people.

Most executives and managers are completely unprepared for the new responsibilities that face them, the new dynamics they'll encounter in the workplace and the stresses that can so easily result.

Coaching Skills for Leaders is great for both novice and experienced managers, executives and business leaders who want to successfully influence other peoples' behaviour.

You’ll learn practical skills to help you/your people successfully deal with organisational, financial and growth issues, personnel matters, and political influences.

It will teach you and your key people how to motivate, critique, coach, and unload or fire people. And, how to confront performance issues in a way that will yield a positive outcome, while not crushing, or otherwise de-motivating, the employee.

Participants will understand how to develop the skill, empathy, and insight that will put them on the road to coaching excellence. That could save your company costly litigation, improve your communication, better manage expectations, defuse pent-up emotions, and let your company be more productive!

Unfortunately, many people cut themselves short. Maybe out of fear of conflict, or lack of commitment, or avoidance of accountability or inattention to results - these and many others are real dysfunctions that Coaching Skills for Leaders will help you remove from your organisation.

Coaching Skills for Leaders will help you understand how to tap into other peoples’ genius, encourage their personal development and help them unlock their true potential. In effect, they will help you relieve your hectic schedule so you can focus on what really makes a difference in your company.

Coaching Training

If you’re looking to build close-knit teams, develop a culture of accountability AND transform your company into a high performing team, you need to figure out how to lead your people successfully.

If you’re a people manager or a company executive, you need to have the skills to solve difficult staff problems, root out team dysfunctions and achieve greater results by leveraging your employees with less effort.

If you are responsible for the day-to-day supervision or management of human resources in your company, you need to understand how to solve generational and cultural conflicts, lack of accountability and resistance to change, otherwise it could be hard going for you and those around you.

Discover the skills you and your people must develop to understand how to build and maintain a team of passionate and mentally tough achievers in every position, and drive your company, business unit and team to greatness...

Accountability is essential to individual and organisational success, but few leaders know how to make it happen in their organisation.

The one thing that scares more executives and managers than anything else is delegating power to employees who might fail. Coaching Skills for Leaders will equip you to be able to effectively pass down authority, decision-making power and responsibility to those below.

No leader can focus on what really makes the difference until and unless they figure out how to hold their employees accountable and committed to the success of the company. Passing down authority, decision-making power and responsibility to staff and subordinates sounds like a scary idea, yet it’s the only way to take your company to the next level. At Coaching Skills for Leaders, Dave will use tailor-made examples, illustrations and stories to reinforce the learning process and inspire you and/or your participants to improve their attitude, work performance and results.

Participants will also learn how to communicate effectively, deliver dynamic presentations, run effective meetings, speak in front of a large crowd of people with confidence, power and without fear, and more!

Coaching Skills for Leaders will help managers and executives understand how to leverage the talents and skills of the employees and subordinates. This will help maintain the motivation to change, to battle the anxiety, fear, and resistance that so often prevent your people from stepping up to the next level.

Coaching Skills for Leaders will help keep your key people, managers, executives (and you) out of trouble, and it will help your organisation, business unit or team run with less friction.

Coaching Skills for Leaders will give you the tools you need to help everyone in the company grow into their own self-correcting, self-generating person.

Some of the key components:

  • A coaching Self Assessment to asses current coaching skills
  • The Spectrum of Coaching Skills
  • The 3 part performance equation that drives achievement in the workplace
  • The 9 foundational principles required for a successful coaching outcome
  • A five step structure for a coaching session
  • The 2 most important words that are a must in any coaching session
  • ‘Real’ coaching demonstrations
  • Practice sessions for participants including documented feedback
  • How to positively influence during coaching sessions
  • Understanding the psychology of the four main archetypes of challenging behaviours and how to win them over
  • The 4 stage model to tap into peoples’ peak experiences and increase their productivity by 100% and more!
  • A resource toolkit for insights, feedback and more to embed learning

Some people were born with people skills, and others have to struggle to develop them. But one thing is certain; if you don't have people skills you’re going to have a tough time as a manager or a business leader. And even if you think your people skills are OK, you still have to hone and improve your craft to create an inspiring environment to help your people move towards goals in a fulfilling manner.

Coaching Skills for Leaders will assist business executives and managers to develop the effective communications and relationship expertise needed to effectively run their organisations in the highly-competitive operating environment.

Participants will understand how to create a successful, high-performing department, where employees develop and quickly adapt to the changes of today’s fast-paced workforce.

Coaching Skills for Leaders will help participants to give more constructive feedback, run meetings more efficiently, delegate responsibility effectively, close performance gaps, deliver clear expectations and deal with challenging people and conversations more effectively.

Also, you and your people will understand how to bring non-performers off the fence and into the game.

With so many companies struggling today, Coaching Skills for Leaders is an outstanding ‘short-cut’ to show the way to growth in your company by helping you and your key people lead others successfully.

In his revolutionary book, Good to Great, Jim Collins speaks about how the executives that ignited the transformation for companies that went from good to great, did not figure out how to drive the bus, but how to get the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off), and then they figured out where to drive it.

Coaching Skills for Leaders is a must for every business leader, executive and manager who has realised that you win through people, and sincerely want to know how to do it in the 21st century.

Programs can be specifically tailored whether the desired outcome is for the Leaders to understand and be able to communicate like a coach, or to be able to operate as a formal coach within the organisation.

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