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Leadership Development

(Accelerated leadership development is a part of the Elite Leadership Program)

Real leaders, build confidence in others and understand how to get every single person in the company, business unit or team to perform consistently. But real leaders don’t grow on trees. We need to provide opportunity for our people - to advance our most talented people we must develop their leadership skills.

Leadership Development

Are you or your key people struggling to motivate, co-ordinate and inspire others to perform at exceptional levels...? Ask yourself, why should anyone be led by you?

Our Accelerated Leadership Development program is a workshop to help your mangers, executives and frontline people develop authentic leadership skills so they are able to challenge the status quo, make difficult decisions, attract and keep talent, solve problems and develop strategies that help your organisation keep and advance its market share.

Accelerated Leadership Development will help participants turn from ‘people mangers’ to true leaders who understand how to build a great place to work, increase employee satisfaction and employee retention, and boost business performance and results.

Your executives, mangers and frontline people will also learn how to:

  • What it takes to lead effectively
  • Find ways to engage people and rouse their commitment to company goals
  • Use self-knowledge to build trust and a collaborative atmosphere
  • Listen, Express, Appreciate and Lead authentically
  • Have the courage to make unpopular decisions
  • Stop second guessing and take intuitive actions
  • Overcome resistance
  • Develop a leadership aspiration
  • Have honest and straight conversations
  • Conduct difficult conversations for performance management
  • Manage a cross-generational workforce
  • Give people what they need, not what they want
  • Keep everyone focused and on the right track
  • Distinguish their leadership style (personal leadership brand)
  • Meet people where they are and drive them to action
  • Diffuse and resolve conflicts - from minor annoyances to major ‘blow-outs’
  • And other practical skills, strategies, frameworks, tools, tips and techniques that will dramatically increase leadership skills

Your company is only as good as the people in key leadership positions. If they are not better today, than they were yesterday, then it’s just a matter of time before you lose your market share, customers and even your best employees.

Lack of proper leadership in your organisation could be the barrier standing in the way of this being a world-class company, business unit or team. A bad manager can scare away talented employees, draining the company of its power, assets and value. You owe it to the success of your organisation to develop authentic leadership skills of all those in frontline positions so you can build a world-class enterprise.

The Accelerated Leadership Development program in its completeness is a 3-day program. However, the program can be customised in length to your company or team specific needs by adding, removing and adjusting modules to suit.

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