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(A comprehensive professional speaking, presentation & facilitation skills course which is a component of The Elite Leadership)

Are you or your key people feeling nervous and awkward about chairing meetings, standing up in front of a crowd, or making presentations?


Professional Speaking Skills is a comprehensive workshop to empower your managers, employees and you, to stand up and speak in front of any sized crowd of people with confidence, power and without fear – even with very little preparation.

From planning, writing, opening and closing an outstanding speech, progress report or sales presentation, to making your message memorable and compelling, Professional Speaking Skills will teach your managers, executives, employees and you, practical skills to present and communicate in a way that commands attention and respect, and gets the results - quickly and effectively.

Leadership in all fields today requires you to be an outstanding public speaker.

Whether you have to captivate an audience of 1 or 1000s of people, you, and anyone representing your company, must be able to speak in public - convincingly and persuasively.

Effective leaders and managers must be able to speak to groups of employees in ways that motivate, inspire, and challenge.

When preparing reports, contributing to group discussions, resolving problems with customer service, implementing crisis management initiatives or conducting performance reviews, it is imperative for people in your company to speak clearly and effectively to avoid misunderstandings, mistakes and confusion.

Is Social Phobia Or Shyness Holding You Or Your People Back From Taking Your Company To The Next Level?

Professional Speaking Skills will help your top-level managers and your bottom-level employees command attention and get results. It will save you and your company much wasted time, frustration and worry down the road.

The skills you will learn are critical to improving your communication in a group setting or one-on-one.

Professional Speaking Skills is not only about public speaking. The most important communications we do at work, and in our everyday life, is convincing others. Yet, most managers, executives and leaders feel nervous and awkward about public speaking, chairing meetings or standing up in front of a crowd.

Most importantly, participants will learn how to stay calm, focused, and grounded when approaching an event, a meeting or an important business function.

Some of the key components of Professional Speaking Skills are:

  • The fundamentals - learn the essential practical skills to present and communicate in a way that commands attention and respect and gets results
  • Business models - determine what type of speaker you want to be
  • Spotlight sessions - these practical sessions will get you to stand up and speak in front of the group with confidence, power and without fear. Sessions will be recorded and documented feedback provided
  • Stage fright - nervous about speaking? Get over it using a simple 4 step, state-changing technique that will ensure you use your voice as a powerful tool to sound conversational, yet authoritative
  • Signature Presence - the look you create is more important than you realise. Develop your own persona and ‘authentic’ voice that will set you apart
  • Stage anchoring - this key technique will take your average communication level into the realm of becoming a masterful speaker and powerful presenter
  • State management - learn how to get in the zone before you hit the stage
  • The powerful opening and memorable close - how to deliver unforgettable openings and closings that make people cling to every word you say, and do exactly what you ask
  • Stories & Metaphors - become an outstanding and convincing story teller, as well as use metaphors persuasively
  • Selling your message, idea or concept to the audience
  • Plus, many other proven strategies and practical tips and techniques to effectively communicate in every situation.

If you’re a company leader, you need to learn how to communicate your vision effectively and speak conversationally, yet authoritatively, and make effective speeches, presentations and media interviews, as well as managing meetings.

If you’re an ambitious individual who wants to climb the corporate ladder, you must learn how to stand out from the crowd by using your voice skillfully, powerfully and persuasively.

If you’re a company executive or a manager, you need to learn how to look, act, and sound like a leader, deliver dynamic presentations and become a top facilitator, so that you achieve your goals and objectives in less time and with less effort.

Professional Speaking Skills will help CEOs, senior executives, managers, supervisors, leaders and employees motivate, captivate and persuade customers, creditors, media reporters and others, using articulate delivery that gets results and moves others to action.

Psychological Studies Show That The Average Person Fears Public Speaking More Than Death!

A survey done by The Times reported that 41% of the respondents listed ‘fear of public speaking’ as their #1 fear. This fear of public speaking, and the ability to speak coherently and persuasively, is a vital skill, but ‘fear of speaking’ holds many otherwise competent people back, and affects your bottom-line.


Such fear is an absolute disaster for the business person, the sales professional, investment adviser, project manager, business unit head, doctor, teacher, coach, lawyer and virtually anyone whose career requires them to effectively communicate and speak to the public.

Professional Speaking Skills will teach participants how to communicate effectively, deliver dynamic presentations, run effective meetings, speak in front of a large crowd of people with confidence, power and without fear, and more!

Participants will learn the process of planning, writing, and honing an outstanding speech or sales presentation. They’ll learn effective ways to connect with an audience, explain difficult concepts, support ideas, and learn how to ‘time and cut’ a speech to drive key points home.

Participants will also learn how to use effectively riveting stories and humour.

Plus, Professional Speaking Skills will teach participants simple, but accurate, distinctions that are being used by some of today’s greatest leaders in business, government, civic organizations and charities, including

A good speech/presentation takes hours to prepare unless you know a few simple ‘short-cuts’ that anyone can master...

Let’s face it.

A good speech or 1:1 presentation usually requires hours of good preparation. But, often, time is not an option. That’s why you must think fast on your feet to motivate your subordinates, colleagues and customers to action. Many times there are no second chances.

On the other hand, if you or your people keep losing major sales because you/they fail to communicate the value of your company effectively, it could cost your company tens of thousands of dollars and maybe even cost you your job.

That’s why you must become an articulate and effective speaker. The same goes for your mangers, executives, sales people and other employees.

Your organisation will never become industry leading unless your people learn how to communicate any message clearly, precisely and effectively.

Professional Speaking Skills provides practical, hands-on techniques, tools, skills and tips for business leaders, company managers, leaders and key people to become outstanding communicators who get things done.

Due to the interactive nature of the Professional Speaking Skills Workshop, participation is capped at a maximum of 18 participants.

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